Thursday, August 16, 2007

Come Away My Beloved - Frances J. Roberts

My dad gave me this book this week.
His words
“Besides the bible, this is the most comforting book you’ll ever read” still echo in my head when I think about it. I actually got teary as he handed it to me.
He scrawled his wisdom for me, on the first page and I took the book home in my arms.

He was right. I love and cherish this book. After the bible, it is the most encouraging, uplifting, and peace restoring words I have ever read. I highly recommend picking up a copy. I’ll also pass along to you, the instructions given to me.
Read it in small doses.

Don’t try to read more than you feel is necessary.
Meditate deeply on what is being said. The words are written in a way that make you feel as if Jesus Christ is speaking face to face with you, his loving arms around you.