Thursday, August 23, 2007

Share Truth

I am hesitant to post this post, for fear of giving too much attention to the one who deserves no attention, but I think it's an important reminder that we must share the gospel with those right here around us, because the bible states "...many will be deceived" I witnessed it last night...and it was shocking.

Last night, my husband and I caught the tail end of Primetime: Outsiders on TV.
The show followed a man claiming to be the second coming of Christ, and called himself the antichrist. He had influenced his members to all sorts of vile things, and you guessed the number 666 on themselves. And he lives right here in Texas, Houston.
The most torterous thing to watch was the children he is misleading, by making them march in Hitler fashion while saluting, even calling them the "Super Race".

I just cannot fathom how people will willing follow someone so blatently outlined as the enemy of God by the bible. Why?

Guard your hearts, followers of Christ, and be ready to constantly share the word of God with everyone you know. We are called to this and must arm ourselves with the truth. For it is our only defense, especially for the young and the unknowing who will fall victim to these lies most easily. Let us pray, as Habakkuk did.

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Alli said...

I saw this too! It was horrible!