Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Well Fine. Be that way.

Sometimes....I feel like people just don't get me.
Sometimes...I feel like I just don't get people, too.

I understand that I let people down, and that others will always let me down too.
But it's still fustrating not to have that solid "person" that I know I can always go to when I have problems to discuss. Because after all- they have problems too. I wish I had a"go to" person that always understood what I meant....but I don't. Do you?

My favorite attribute of God, is that he is unchanging. Always the same today, just as He was when Moses was alive. That whatever I do, it's never something that He's not seen before. He knows me like no one else, and he GETS me. I can rely on Him to be there, when no one else is.
I take great comfort in this truth.

However, it still hurts when people let me down, because I love people and I want them to love me too.

1 comment:

Victoria :) said...

I soo relate to this!

And yes,it is a comfort to know that He is unchanging.