Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I’ve been in my current new job role for about 3 months now. Last week I encountered that moment when I’d asked a lot of questions to one particular person over and over, and then...had another question to ask her. I pondered,
“Should I wait until tomorrow so I can space out my questions a little? Or should I go ahead and ask now so I can finish this project today??”

People at work will often tell you,
“...and if you have any questions- just ask!”
but really I think they mean
“You can ask me questions 2-3 times, but after the 5th question, I’m going to roll my eyes at you and think to myself ‘what a moron’”

I’ve been on both sides of the scenario so I always try to remember to reply with a cheerful attitude and a helpful answer, after all I understand what it’s like. But even I still can't help sometimes thinking “OH MY GOSH! this must be the 5th time I’ve answered this question to you! Aren't you listening?” (sorry new trainee)

Why do we do that? I guess it’s just human nature. Some times our reactionary responses are indeed that~ reactionary! Like when someone cuts you off in traffic and it makes you really mad and you yell at them! (even though you have a Grace Community Church sticker on your rear-window) or when you cry out "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY CLEAN KITCHEN FLOOR- ARE YOU BRAIN-DEAD?!" to your children when they've just walked in with muddy shoes. Sometimes we just can’t help responding to loved ones with a snarky attitude.

I was thinking about this later on my car-ride home, and realized how glad I am that God does not respond to us the same way! When we have questions, He REJOICES that we ask! He doesn't roll His eyes and say
"Kasey, Kasey, Kasey....how many times do I have to tell you. YES- I will provide!!"
When I say another prayer, he doesnt turn to someone next to him and say
"Oh no, it's Kasey calling in a prayer again. I'll just let her leave a message, and call her back later"

Quite the opposite in fact. When we ask of God, it’s as if he is sitting on the edge of his seat just waiting for us to say to Him
“um, God…I have another question…” and He jumps up and down shouting "YES! YES, YES...I HAVE AN ANSWER FOR YOU MY SON!!"

God is always eager to answer us.
Matthew 7:7 says, ASK, and you will receive.
James 1:5 says, If any of you lack wisdom, let him ASK of God.
James 4:2 says, ..you have not, because you ask not.

The Bible is filled with numerous scriptures that say “ask me. Just ASK!!”
God wants our dependence on Him.

He wants our dependance because; when we try to solve our own problems, or answer difficult questions, or resolve conflict on our own, we are in essence...sinning. Adam and Eve’s fall from Grace began when they assumed they could resolve a problem without God’s counsel. And what a disastrous result that was.

I feel as if I have found a loophole with this information! I pray for everything now! Some people might think I'm crazy! My day kind of goes like this:
7:45 am - God, we do not have meat for dinner tonight, would you please help remind me of this later.
8:15 am - God, me again, hey- my car is making a funny noise, can you help bring situations and wisdom to me on how to get it fixed?
8:16 am- Hi God, I know I just hit you with that car request, but I have another question—why did Moses strike the rock instead of doing what you asked? Just curious.
9:27 am - Ooops, God I have a meeting at 9:30- help me be focused enough to gather my thoughts and materials in time! PLEASE!!
12:30- God, I am so glad I get to spend my lunch hour with friends today, please bless this food.
1:20 pm- God…God, God. There’s that woman again, you know the one who makes my workday so difficult by micro-managing me. Can you please help bring peace between us….cause I can’t stand her.
5:15 pm - God, Oh…another thing…..I’m feeling really lonely lately, can you help bring some more time to spend with family and my friends.
8:45 pm - Dear God, bless my children and family.

10:30 pm - God, Oh yeah….one more thing.

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