Monday, August 3, 2009

Men Don’t Speak Good

First, let me say that I love my husband and I don’t wish to de-value him at all as the leader of our house. At the things he is suppose to do, he does an excellent job- doing them the way God asks him to. Of course, there are some things that he probably needs help with, but I probably couldn’t accurately tell you what those things are b/c they would be skewed by ‘my idea’ of how he should lead. Which I am not necessarily the right way, it’s just MY way. (it's still hard to admit this)

But for amusement sake, I just want to point out how funny it is that men and women communicate so differently. I laughed at this article written by a man, who himself realizes this already. God made us different….so of course we communicate differently. (It’s still funny—if not incredibly frustrating!)

Recently, I was unpacking a left over moving box and came across a picture that Josh bought me when we were still dating in highschool. Now granted, he’s come a long way since boyhood— and I hope that he’s learned a thing or two about romance and me since then. (I hope) But this picture is made entirely of wooden veneer cut outs that create a picture of a rose. It’s sort of like all wooden puzzle pieces of different colored woods, darker red, and lighter pink…all together make a rose.

Now, I understand that when Josh bought this, he thought it was cool, and he thought of me (A GOOD thing! Thinking of me, yes.)
But then, he ruined the romatic part of the gift...when he imortalized this sentiment on the back of the picture by adding this inscription…

“Dear Kase…I bought this rose so I would never have to buy you another rose again. (Or at least, not as many) Love you always, Josh”

Oh swoon... just what every girlfriend wants- a hard picture of a non-smelling rose, that replaces all future need for sentiment of any kind.

How practical that man of mine is in the love department.

Love you Josh!


Victoria :) said...

I think it is cute you posted this blog. We were just talking about this. :o)

txmomof2 said...

HILARIOUS! That about sums up romance in men's eyes doesn't it? Thanks for the laugh.

Melisa said...