Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Encouraging Words

Dear Child,

I know your worries, I know your frustrations and I know that you are putting your best effort into doing what I’ve told you in my word. Never tire of pursuing me, though your body and mind continuously grow fatigued. Stick it out- month after month, day after day and minute by minute. I see your efforts and I know what your sacrifice means. Hold on to my words and never worry that it’s all for nothing-- it's not. No small act for my sake is insignificant to me, despite the fact that people around you don’t notice. I notice. I see your restraint, I see your service and I hear you when you cry out in sorrow, “How much more can I take?”

Remember that you are not fighting against only mere men, but your battle lies in the supernatural realm as well, so it should come as no surprise you that with every step closer to me, you find it harder to continue among this world. Continue to arm yourself with my truths, for truly they are the only weapon that prevails, but you must know them to use them.

My way is freedom. My way is life. And My way is the good way. Even though you may stumble along the way, I will never leave you. Know that in the most difficult moments of your life, I weep with you for the tiresome journey and my greatest encouragement will come as you ascend the hill on the other side. I promise it is not for nothing. The greatest glory is soon to come. While your actions can never garner your entrance into heaven, your willingness to walk the road with me by your side makes it possible for you to have power to persevere and eventually overcome. You only need call my name.

I love you my child more than you can possibly know and in those moments that you consider the easier path, or the one more difficult…I see you. My Holy Spirit is your advocate constantly refilling you with abundant energies, multiplying your efforts, rely on Him.

Hold on.
March On.
Live On.
For one day this world will be but a shadow of what is to come.

Teach your children, even though your tired.
Say no to gossip, even though it’s tempting.
Serve each other in love, with no desire to prosper yourself.
Sacrifice yourselves for my sake so that one day you will be counted among those who climbed, clawed, and cried their way through this life for the sake of Christ.
Well Done, my good and faithful child. Be Brave.


bristowmom said...

Wow KC! Great stuff! Did you write this? It totally reminds me of the book that first brought me to your site - Come Away My Beloved.

KC said...

I know- it does sound very much like that book! I did write this out of a moment of needing encouragement one afternoon, and hearing some of these words come back to me when I prayed.
I thought of all the people who might not have read the book, so I wrote this for those.