Friday, May 21, 2010

Retraction: A Major Ooops

I've only had to write one retraction blog before in several years of blogging. It was in response to a blog I wrote about Biblical reasons to support Obama. The retraction pretty much said "never mind, I was wrong".

But this time, the retraction is much more personal. I am very embarrassed and sorry to say that my #52 in the previous blog stated I had no friends when I moved to Texas.

Let me tell you a story about one of my very best friends, Victoria.

When I met Victoria, I called her Vickie, even though I think she hated being called that (she told me it rhymed with things like Icky, and Sticky). She had just started working at Sonic right after I had. We were both carhops and remember "the way we use to do it back then". School afternoons were spent sectioning cheese squares out onto trays (so they could be easily grabbed by the cooks) and stuffing greasy bags full of 7 tater tots each (so the cooks could also just grab them and dump quickly). They don't do that anymore. We also remember what it was like to carry a change counter on our hip. They don't do that anymore either.

Victoria was my partner in crime. We spent many nights together at Sonic Drive in playing "Truth or Dare" and you could see us shoving ice down each other's shirts, or walking around the store OINKING. We drove our manager crazy!

She also drove a hot little red sports car with T-Tops, which was incredibly fun to ride in, and we made several trips down to Santa Fe to eat Red Lobster. (We have an inside joke about the crab crackers and Pretty Woman.)

Even her family called me their second daughter, and during my Senior year of highschool when I was too smart to live at home with my own mom, Victoria's family let me live with them. Many summer nights were traded laughing hillariously with each other. One of our favorite passtimes was hanging out in greeting card stores laughing at funny greeting cards. I swear, no one laughs with me the way she does. She gets my humor, and I get hers.

When I went away to college, we had great plans of rooming together the following year. (Vic was a year behind me), alas this did not work out for me and we were separated when I moved to North Carolina. Josh got out of the military and we decided to move to Dallas. About a year later, I got a phone call from Vic (who now went by Victoria) saying she was thinking of moving to Dallas! I was SO EXCITED!!
We spent many weekends together, and danced a blue streak through several local bars. (Dancing on the speakers together was ours specialty!)

I was super excited when she got married, and became a stepmom and had her baby boy Trevor. I was amazed and wowed at her ambition to create her own custom bedding for Trevor, and volunteered to help show her how to use the sewing machine. (I'm still not sure if I showed you correctly or not! ha!) With the help of her friend Cecilie we through her a baby shower and enjoyed watching her go through all the mothering pains of laying on the bathroom floors, and first steps, and second steps.

Vic has been one of my dearest friends for so long, and I'm embarrassed and ashamed that I totally flubbed that in my last blog!

Love you, Vickie! Please forgive my truly are the friend I have shared the longest, and I am so grateful for your friendship.


txmomof2 said...

I read this just before I took the kids to Sonic for Happy Hour this afternoon and low and behold, the carhop DID have a change counter on her belt! LOL

Victoria :) said...

Aaah, Kase, I love your ability to write and recreate a life of memories we shared when we were younger!
My feelings were a little hurt at first but really I get what you meant. Friendships become much different when you have kids, especially little kids. This was the stage you were in when I moved here and as good of a friend as I may have been at the time I wasn't in many ways simply because I couldn't share and relate to this new aspect of your life. I am so grateful that I can now and most of all I am grateful for our friendship! Cheers!

KC said...

Wow, Really Alison? How funny! I also noticed that more and more are wearing roller skates.

Most of them also, only make half a wage now too. We made full minimum wage plus tips. I guess they have caught up now since min wage is much more. But they make it a lot harder to tip now, since you can only tip with cash (not on your credit card.)

KC said...

Vic-- thanks...good times, good times!