Friday, December 10, 2010

About Me

I've spent a good deal of my life trying to figure out how to describe myself, for some reason it's rather difficult.

But there are a few things I'm sure of, like: I think my name in Spanish means: What, YES! And, I'm a mom and married to my first love and highschool sweetheart. I have two beautiful and very different daughters. I haven't yet figured out what I'd like to be when I grow up. So far I've been everything from photographer to a vet tech and many in between. I eat red meat, I play the violin a little, and I follow Christ. I cherish moments alone with a cup of coffee, and I enjoy playing card games. But I think my favorite description About Me, is from the book of Isaiah which simple states: You are the potter, I am the work of your hands.


txmomof2 said...

great to see you back on here again, friend. Merry Christmas!

KC said...

Thank you! I think I told you that I'm part of the board of directors for a ministry that is just getting launched. We recently released a press release that has given us some good feedback. And so I'm trying to re-vamp my website so I can help gain exposure to it.
Have you checked it out yet?
Click the link that says "Changing the Face of Christianity"

And, if you like what it's about, let me know, we're in fund raising mode right now.