Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guilty, Your Honor.

I have a secret. Yes, yes....I was at one time-A chronic TV watcher.
I came from a generation of TV baby-sat kids! I can't help it!
There are shows that I never miss; Heroes, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Survivor, Prison Break, Top Chef, Good Eats (I love Alton!).
There are syndicated shows that I will always watch reruns of: Friends, King of Queens, Seinfeld.
And there are shows that I love to watch if Im available: Dog Whisperer, Planet Earth, Medical Mysteries.
And then...there are the shows that Im totally addicted to, but somewhat embarrassed to say I watch. Two that come to my mind are America's Next Top Model and Beauty and the Geek.
Neither show is optimal for family time. But both are pretty much the same 'plot'.
People- trying to be the "BEST" Hollywood can make them be.
ANTM is amusing to watch, because I just cannot believe how transformed on the outside these girls become each week. One week, they're bald wearing makeup only to beautify them, the next week, they're posing atop an elephant, and the next week, they must pose as ice sculptures. Truly it's crazy what models endure all for the sake of the golden dollar.
but "beauty is fleeting" and what these girls will some day be left with, if they're never saved, is depressing.
The other show, Beauty and the Geek, is completely amusing the other direction. Here we have the completely nerdy- socially awkward boys, who are not attractive by any worldly standards, yet are brilliant or at least very well educated. They snicker and sweat just at the QUESTION of being asked if they've ever kissed a girl. Most have not. My heart goes out to these boys who are mercilessly exploited. They are indeed nerdy, but given Hollywood's "kiss" they are transformed. (what a message)
At the other end of this scale we have the beauties. All hmmm hmm hmm hmms - and shamelessly proud of them- yet hopelessly vacant between the ears. I think they even play "rushing wind" noises when they interview them. Why..why would you WANT to be these girls?
But I am awed by the fact that -placed into this situation, these girls frequently WANT to help the boys. They're even nice to them, these boys that they would most likely treat very poorly in the open world, here, they see them as a "mission". Sometimes they impart good advice- but all too frequently it's shallow. The neat thing to watch, is when the boys impart advice to the girls. Last season- one guy told a girl something to the effect of "yeah, you're pretty, but beyond the first few minutes of talkign with you- what do you think you have to offer guys?" She was shocked. No guy had ever told her that. I wish someone would sneak a bible in and offer real truth to both sides. Imagine the radical transformations that could happen then.
(No Hollywood special effects required)

So there you have guilty pleasures.
I am at least proud of my innocent 6 year old, who crawled up in my lap last night and as they panned across the line up of geeks- one by one painting the picture of hopelessness. My daughter replied "And God loves every one of you!!" =o)

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Destiny said...

I can't believe you deprive us of your wit for so long and then double-post in one day. tisk tisk.