Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Revolve and Barter.

I think my daughter and I are going to attend this, this weekend.
The 2007 Revolve Tour
Check it out if you have a teen/tween girl!
The Revolve Tour

I find it really cool, that they have opportunities to earn the cost of your ticket as a volunteer!
Move boxes one afternoon- get free tickets to attend. Very cool!

I wish more places could put this bartering-type payment into practice.

Dust all the shelves in the grocery store one morning- get half your grocery bill for free.
Wash 5-6 coffee pots out - get your morning Starbucks for free.
Pick up all the trash around the gas station bathroom- get your gas for free??

Hmmm...maybe not every place should adopt the practice.
Some things I think I would rather just pay cash for.

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