Thursday, July 3, 2008

Celebrating Freedom, Again.

Again this year, the girls and I attempted the Celebrate Freedom concert.
So far, our track record is not good with the concert. Let me recap for you;
Year #1- Jada and I collapsed in heat exhaustion together on the way to the medical tent.
Two ladies let us stop under their vendor awning to stand in front of their coveted AC unit.

Year #2- The mud year. Please reference the quite humorous story on my blog here.

So this year it was going to be different. This year they changed venues, from SouthFork Ranch to Pizza Hut park in Frisco. It sounded like it could be better. Convenient parking, indoor restrooms, no mud.
Yet when we got there, I could see it was not going to be as nicey-nicey as I had imagined. Texas is just NOT a place to hold outdoor all day concerts. Spending time outdoors in the summer between 11-5pm is like risking your life in the Mohave Desert.
People were dropping like flies all over. The trade offs for the above benefits, were compromised by the below negatives:
No outdoor drinks of any kind (ie water) could be brought in at all, and PizzaHut park charged $3 a bottle. Talk about capitalizing on the poor- by 2:00 the girls and I had spent $60 and had 5 more hours without water to go.
Instead of sitting in the grass, we sat on interlocking white plastic Legos which covered the grass. It was weird and not relaxing, I like sitting in the grass. I hate baking on a plastic Lego.
You couldn't see the screens b/c they were not very big, and there was tons of stuff in the way. So basically it was like listening to a loud radio.
Once again, I brought the pop-up shade..(you HAVE to! I cannot imagine sitting in a reflecting bowl with no cover at all.) But the only way to get to the field is down the steep inclined steps. Which I’ll admit is tough enough. The entire handle ripped off the shade when I brought it in. It took me almost 45 minutes to get the 100lb. thing in. But I did not even consider what it would take to haul that shade back out at 2:00 in the afternoon “Death Sun”. To haul a 100lb shade, up the enormous incline of steps, behind 50 people, with no handle at 100 degrees…took an hour. I had stop about every 20 steps just to catch my breath.
Parking was $15.

I love the radio station that does this concert, and I love the concert itself. There’s just something about singing/worshipping alongside other Christians that you’ve never met before that bring such an incredible experience, and it’s what brings me back every year to try it again.
Next year though, I wish they would consider moving it to an inside venue. Or having 4th of July in November.

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