Friday, July 11, 2008

I Am

Okay, I know it. My blogs tend to be long-winded stories and it's possible that most people just don't care to read that much about me. I've noticed that many more people are brief, concise, and to the point (is that redundant?) I'll try to adopt this practice, not all the time, but a little more often at least.

The other day I listed out all the things I am currently, just to see it all in front of me in black and white. It was a good exercise, I recommend it to everyone.

I am a:

Mom, Best Friend, Girl Scout Leader, Sister, Church Group Media Coordinator, JCPenney Administrative Assistant, Daughter, Aunt, Cousin, Amateur Photographer, Nursery Volunteer, Christian, Student, Grandchild, and a Wife.

Your list may be longer or shorter than mine, the comparison is not the point.
I think the exercise is just a good indicator to ourselves to either say
"Wow, I'm doing way too much!" or "Is my life making any difference for anyone else?"
One thing I've noticed as an indicator in the Christian life is best summed up by a quote I heard; "Are other people better or worse because their lives bumped into yours?"

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Victoria :) said...

Personally, I enjoy your long winded stories. They demonstrate your character. :) And I follow along well because my stories are just as long and winded.