Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Observant Little Eyes

A few weeks ago, while driving to the store, my daughter gave me some good advice.

"We shouldn't hold a Sharpie marker up to our nose and sniff it for a long time, b/c we might die."

Good advice, I told her. I'll keep that in mind.

When we got to the store, among other things, I picked out a bottle of wine, and my little thinker provided some more free advice.

"Mom, drugs are bad."
"Yep, they are." I said.
"Mom, alcohol is a drug."

I could see where this was going.
"mmmhmmm" I murmered

"Mom, isn't wine...alcohol?"

I couldn't come up with a great response, other than "Did you know that caffeine is also a drug, and soda has caffeine in it too" This response seemed to hush her up.

But I then followed up with "in the hands of a responsible adult, alcohol is okay to drink in small amounts-but not until you're older, much 40".
Which still was not great, but it was a good reminder that my kids see everything I do.

And to come up with better answers, when they ask.

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