Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Several nights ago I came to bed with something on my mind, as usual. I got in next to Josh and let out a “sigh”.

“What?” He said.
“Nothing” I replied.


“Well, it’s just that- I wish you were more like….No, I wish you could. Well let me put it this way. Victoria’s husband put in an island in their kitchen, and cut the cabinets to fit the new oven. Lindsay’s husband builds BBQ grills out of scrap metal. DJ’s husband has a boat that he works on and plans family vacations around.

But….I can’t even get you to fix the wobbly dishwasher, I just- wish you were, um, handy.”

His reply was genius, and I think, will mark a huge turning point in how I view my husband.

“Does Victoria’s husband do laundry? Does Lindsay’s husband clean all the dishes on the weekend?”
“um, no, in fact Lindsay was just complaining that her husband never did the dishes- ever- b/c his mom didn’t make him do it as a kid”
“Well there you have it. I DO dishes, I DO laundry(which is true, he’s just spent the entire day washing/folding/putting away about 10 loads)….and I take the trash out too. I'm that kind of husband- but I'm sorry Kase. I'm not handy.” and with that he rolled over and went to sleep.

I continued thinking to myself though.

Actually, I’d RATHER be handy…than do dishes or laundry. I’m not sure if there are other women out there like me who would too, but do any of them actually have what I have? -a husband that would rather do laundry and dishes?? I started to think the situation out differently. Rather than complaining about what Josh didn't do, maybe I should start being happy about what he DOES actually do! Did I just uncover a treasure in the attic worth millions, a house-husband?!

And, I can totally be handy myself, I thought, I know how to change tires, and repair gate latches. Heck, I make Halloween costumes out of scratch…surely I can come up with the answer to that wobbly dishwasher.

The next day I took it upon myself to visit "The Man Store" (Home Depot) In one afternoon I painted our bathroom, repaired all the baseboards, and fixed the lighting. However, I must admit, I need help cutting the boards- I can’t use a powersaw…I’m too afraid. So my husband did that for me. And, I didn't know how to cut the wires to the lighting, my brother did that.

Thank goodness I do have men around me that WILL be handy if I need them to be.

Josh also fixed the wobbly dishwasher at my continued urging. I knew he was handy, he just needed encouragement (ie nagging).

But that’s what men do …they pretend to do something really bad- when they don’t want to ever do it again. (see my story on Bologna Casserole Anyone)

Do you think it’s too late for me to start burning dinners- claiming “I can’t cook”?


Jayson and Victoria said...

No, I hadn't read your blog when I sent you that email. Now I see why you laughed. LOL.

Jayson and Victoria said...

Ooops. I am signed under Jay and I's joint account.

txmomof2 said...

Love it! You got a good one there.

Kristy said...

Disclaimer: I have a great hubby who also does the dishes and laundry too.

Now, for the real comment. Why is it that my perfectly intelligent husband who can put out any fire related to his job always looks at me and says "I don't know how to do that" when I give him a little tiny chore around the house. I think "I don't know how to do that" is code for "I don't WANT to do that" Hmmmmmm


R said...

My husband is not handy at all whatsoever. But he is good at everything else, so I have to just deal with it. He takes such great care of the kids, BBQs, irons, and cleans up, that I can't complain. Now if he will just eat my fabulous food because he is so darn picky....