Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Training Ground

I had an idea yesterday about heaven. My own interpretation (not based on anything else.)

I often wonder, what it is- that will happen to us after we die and presumably go to heaven....that will prevent us from experiencing: heartache, hopelessness, shame, hate, jealousy, lust...all those undeniably difficult sins we're trying to overcome on earth- what will happen to us in the eternal life that will prevent us from experiencing all these things? (Are you with me?)

What will happen to us between now, and eternity to make us acceptible to live among other beleivers in heaven without the temptations we experience here, that are impossible to avoid completely. I mean, I am a Christian, and in my journey- still trying to move towards a less and less sinful nature. But if someone cuts me off in traffic- I cant help it- I still have hateful thoughts for them...even if just for a minute (or ten).

Adam and Eve's downfall was the temptation of "what if". What if there IS something better on the other side of this fruit. Curiousity. It killed more than the cat.

I wonder if they just didn't KNOW what the difference was between good and bad. I mean, the fruit WAS the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Before this, Adam and Eve were not even aware of sin. They didn't know what sin was. My brother likes to say, "A fish doesn't know he's wet" (which I think is a quote from one of the Beatles). But more importantly, our Faith is only balanced by our Doubts. Without doubt- faith is undeniable belief.
I've heard it said that God provides free will, because He wants to be "Chosen" and isn't always nicer when someone chooses you.
But moreso than that, is that God will not force us to do anything, but in His desparation to save us, everyone that He could of His divine creations, he made a loophole.

Adam and Eve were forced to leave the Garden of Eden, but it was like God said "Hmmm, that didn't go so well, so I'm going to have to find a way for man to see what it's like to live without me, and yet choose me, and not be punished eternally for his wrong choices." And that answer was Jesus Christ. Because Jesus became our punishment- we are given the chance to experience bad and good, and yet still reap the eternal rewards of heaven, despite the unjustlyness of our sin. And not that God didn't KNOW that was going to happen, but this is the way that the plan was set in motion. Man created- downfall happened- it was recorded in the Bible- so that we could understand what we were SUPPOSE to be- Christ died for our sins- and we are redeemed to live in heaven, KNOWING that the alternative- is NOT worth the temptation. Because we've been there, done that- Hated it.

So in my opinion, I think we are here on Earth- which has been given over to Satan- to LEARN that we do NOT want to live this way. Because on Earth, we are in a training ground of trying bad and good, living in sinful ways vs. Christ like ways, and learning that it's REALLY hard to live without God in control. YES SIR! I will always say to God when He tells me in heaven "Remember how difficult Earth was, DONT DO THIS!"

I think that by the time we get to heaven, God will "flip some sort of switch" turning off our desires for evil, and leaving us with only faded memories of "how it use to be".
Though this world was originally made for us, It no longer remains for us, and I personally cannot wait to be "flipped".

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txmomof2 said...

Your theological philosophy is amazing. You should be a preacher or be in some sort of ministry---maybe that's what your blog is-a ministry. Enjoyed reading this last entry.