Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I want to stop, I just can't

I continue to make the same mistake over and over again. You'd think I'd learn by now, right?
For some reason, I'm a sucker for cheap shoes....that are not my size.

(you thought I was going to say something deeper, like the fact that though I want to stop sinning, I continue to sin, like Paul spoke about. I do have that problem too, of course.)

I am not a shoe shopper. I buy one pair of shoes in each category, (tennis, black dressy, brown dressy, garden, boots, summer dressy) and wear them completely out before I get another pair. I like shoes, I would love to have more of them, they just have not been made a priority in my life. But here's the thing...three of the shoes listed above, are not my size- they're too big. My dressy brown shoes are so cute, but I have to stuff tissue in the bottom of them, to take up space. My black dressy shoes are cute too, again, too big and they flop off my heel every time I walk. They were the last of the sizes left when I bought them, but who can pass up cute shoes for less than $10 when I'm staring at my own size for $44.95. (That's almost two weeks worth of lunches for me!)

So again this week, while at Target I fell in love with the cutest pair of grey pumps for $8.24! I have actually been looking for grey pumps, since I recently purchased grey pants and was having to wear my dressy black shoes with them. I was even willing, in this case, to pay more than $10, so when I saw these at such a steal, I whipped them off the shelf to check the size. 7.5. I tried them on (with my poofy athletic socks on) and of course they fit (with my socks on- so dumb!)

Proud of my purchase, I went home to look for my grey pants in the dirty clothes, to make sure they got washed - just so I could wear my new shoes to work on Monday morning.

Monday morning, I put the shoes on, and could barely make it across the bedroom without them falling off. "Surely I can stuff something into them, to make them fit!" I remembered a pair of gel inserts in an old pair of running shoes (my only pair, mind you). I pulled them out and stuffed them into the pumps. PERFECT! I thought and headed out the door.
When I got to work, 5 steps away from my car...I started to walk like a man wearing stilleto heels for the first time. I felt like such a doof halfway between the car and the door to my office. I stopped on the sidewalk mid-clomp. People began to pass me, probably wondering what I was doing. I fumbled in my purse, pretending to have forgotten something.
Who would ever notice how cute my shoes were, they'd never get past laughing at my awkward gait. Ugh! I groaned and headed slowly, big clomping step after another as I tried to step toe down first each step. It's hard to explain exactly how it feels to walk in pumps that are too big. It's a delicate balance between not flinging it completely off your foot with each step, and not being able to step heel down either. It requires way more thought to walking, than I like to give.

Finally I managed to get upstairs and sat the whole day at my desk, also pained by the fact that the heel on my right foot was bleeding from rubbing on the back of the shoe.


By 5:00, I took off my shoes and walked to the car barefoot, in 30 degree weather. (uphill. ;o)
I looked just as much like a weirdo, I'm sure, and my feet were FREEZING when I got there...but at least I didn't hit any passers-by with a my stray shoe.

Today, I'm wearing a pair of shoes that fit the best. My pink Crocs.


txmomof2 said...

You are so funny--I love it! Us girls and our shoes...

Victoria :) said...

Kase! You crack me up!

KC said...

Thanks TX!

Vic, are you sure you don't mean "Kase..stop being CHEAP and SPRING FOR SHOES THAT FIT-it's not a crime!" because that's what I think I'm hearing behind that impish smile of yours....(o

Peggy said...

Reminds me of Dolly Parton's line in Steel Magnolias...I wear a six but a six 1/2 feels so good I buy a seven!