Monday, December 29, 2008


Why is it so hard to be patient? Patient with our children, patient with each other, patient- especially with God.

Being impatient with God, is like saying to Him "I don't trust your timing".
I understand that God gives me exactly what I need, when HE knows that I need it. But sometimes it is such a challenge to stop trying to figure out when that is, or why, or how.

I resolve to believe that all I know, I know, because God has intended me to know.
I will not ever know more than the minute-est fraction of what God knows.
(thank goodness!) and the truth is, God doesn't need me to know when or where His intentions will be fulfilled. For me, He is sufficient. For Josh, He is sufficient. For my family, and friends and neighbors- God is sufficient.

God told the Israelites, as they wandered through the desert "The Lord your God has blessed you in all that you've have not lacked a thing" (Deut 2:7) However, there were times that they did go without food, hungry. So what does God mean that we will lack nothing....if they did in fact go without food?

I think the answer is that we need to change our focus on what specifically we need-God in His whole completeness provides ALL things to us, not only our needs physically, food, shelter, clothing- resources, but also disciplinary actions as well as love. When we can resolve that we are not going without, b/c we believe what God has told us, then and only then can we see the lies that Satan whispers to us "you need this to be complete, you have to have that to get by" as what they actually are about - Worthless tin, shabby and meaningless stuff- not needs.

God is still sufficient today.
He meets all my needs all the time.
In His time, which is perfect.
Thanks God.