Monday, December 29, 2008

The Shack

I know I'm way behind on reading this, but I finally finished it and would love to chat about the book with someone!!

First, as everyone's deep- no doubt about it. The author really challenges the reader to wrestle with ideas and concepts that are definitly not traditional. But be open to it! And whatever you read, that doesn't resonate with you as truth...check out against your Bible! Listen to what the Holy Spirit tells you.

I really loved the non-conventional portrayals that had very conventional truths behind them. For example, (SPOILER- STOP READING IF YOU"VE NOT READ THE BOOK YET!!) the portrayal of God as an African - American woman because (as the author stated) ...he didn't want to further any preconceived notions that the character already had about God. The old man, with a long white beard was not depicted, so the character could not have any shred of "I already know you".

One thing, that is ironic to me is this; a friend of mine gave me this book to read. When she gave me the copy, she stated that she didn't like it- because the theme of the book was that God created us, to be loved. She thought that sounded self-centered and not what God created us for. Oddly enough, I would say that was the character's biggest flaw, not knowing why God loved him, or how.

There is a difference, in loving ourselves so much- that we become selfish and self-centered, however when God states that we are the center of his creation- and created for His enjoyment- that's not selfish- that's love to the fullest! And to discredit that, tells God that we jdon't think the gift of Jesus Christ was really that big of a deal. The truth is- God did LOVE us so much that He gave his ONLY son to die and replace us in death, for the punishment of our sins. That IS sound doctrine. How much more do we expect Him to demonstrate His love of us?

I believe it.
You should too.

Coffee Talk- our church's women's group, is planning to host a chat session about this book very soon. I look forward to talking with you all about it!

AFTERWARD: Today, I decided I wanted to get good discerning observation of this book. I visited my favorite discerning blogsite, (one of my Blogs I'm Fond of). Tim offers a very knowledgeable and biblical review of The Shack. For those who have read the book, and those who have not...the review is a wise review, based soundly in what I have always said we should use to merit anything of worth, the Bible. Check out the review here

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Victoria :) said...

Ok, I guess I am going to have to read this book. I am almost sick of hearing about it. You didn't blow any of the surprise endings of the book. I think that if anyone has heard of the book they have heard that God reveals Himself as an african american woman.