Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mexicalli Chicken

A friend of mine sent a humorous email regarding a customer at a burrito shop, who felt descriminated against because the portion of rice recieved, was way smaller than the person before them and after him. I related to the story with the following experience myself.

The other day at my office cafeteria, I eyed the most delicious looking chicken breast with the mounds of cheese sauce and perfectly topped mexi-cali (whatever that is). My mouth began watering and I said “I’ll have the Mexicalli Chicken!” to the paper hat guy behind the counter. Mmmm, it smelled so good I could hardly wait to cut into that delicious chicken….

Imagine my disdain and complete mental state of turmoil when, instead of dishing up that perfect specimen of chicken, the hurried paper hat dude reached to the back of the metal chaffing dish to a corner that wasn’t even visible behind the plexi-glass sneeze protector, pulling out a wimpy half breast of chicken with slight smear of sauce and mexicalli not even laying on top of it anymore!!!!

In my mind a whirl of thoughts began to scream outloud…Is that even a FULL PORTION of Mexicalli Chicken? Surely it's not, in fact I'm quite certain that it's what fell OFF of the other portions of Mexicalli Chicken. Why am I getting that ONE?!!! Is this a form of bait and switch?? And is it too late to point to the more prominent chicken and say “can I have that one instead?”

Moments later, still in shock, I recoil as the person behind me points to My Precious, and says “Can I have THIS chicken?”

UGH! Why didn't I say that? And is it possible to somehow grab his box of food and run? Foiled again by corporate food servers.

Now I don’t even want stupid mexicalli–retarded-halfeaten-no sauce- chicken. And I debate throwing the box back at the paperhat-hair guy.
But I didnt, of course, I just ate my dumb wee chickenette.

Sometimes, it's good to be specific on what you want, or else you might get a wanna-be Mexicalli Chicken.


bristowmom said...

I LOVE this post! So funny.

I would have been in your position exactly. I think what we need is assertiveness training!

Victoria :) said...

Mexicalli WHATACHICKEN?! Too funny.