Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder....not Truth.

Josh and I are taking part in a class called The Truth Project. It's a really cool intellectual look at discerning truth, summed up by the phrase "Do you really believe that what you believe, is really real?

Below is a reply I wrote to a discussion about the question; Why is truth absolute, and not relative?

Josh and I discussed this at home. I picked up a cup that was pink and said, "This cup is pink, that's true."
However, Josh is colorblind and to him the cup looks brown. But-just because he sees the cup as brown, does not mean it IS brown. The truth about the color of a cup is NOT relative just because we both see it different ways.
The truth is that the cup IS pink. Why is the truth NOT relative?

Because the truth of what colors are- was established by an authority on color (whoever that was.) Just because Josh's truth is that he sees the cup as brown, does not make it brown. It is pink because the authority tells us it is.

That's what we have in life too. Just because we see something one way (even if it really DOES look that way to us) does not always make it so. I think this is also illustrated in Proverbs 3 when it talks about leaning not on our own understanding. Some truths in this life, are going to SEEM hazy to us- while others may be more obvious. Yet in all things, we should trust in our authority-God and His Word, we are His creation, after all. To trust in a weaker authority who did not create us, would seem crazy.

What makes it identifiable as truth, is what The authority says about it. The key is to know who The authority is.
When we believe in God as the creator, we are believing in Him as our authority and ALL that He establishes with it.

But that begs the question that, could there be multiple authorities?

Josh is able to tell me that cup is pink, because he's learned how to distinguish colors based on what they should be. His truth is adjusted so that he knows what it SHOULD be, even if it doesn't feel right to him. He has agreed with the authority on colors and because of this, he lives an easier life. When he sees a red light, he doesn't pursue through the intersection because it doesnt look like red to him, (forget the positioning of lights for a minute). He submits his will to the "Color Authority" b/c his life hangs in the balance of knowing that the color red, as the authority sees it-means stop. It is truly red even though he doesnt see it as red.

Congruently- when we recognize the ONE TRUE authority on life, and act in ways that submit to that authority, our lives are also lived in better harmony. The authority on truth in living has set the rules in place before we were here.

**on a side note, to see how a colorblind person views the world- check out this link

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What an AWESOME analogy! Fabulous post!!!!!