Monday, March 23, 2009

Me and Dubbya

I stopped into the Mardel's book store a few weeks ago and low and behold, look who I ran into! I was pretty surprised to see him shopping, really. But he was a very nice man, even agreeing to take a quick picture with me. (what luck that we also found a backdrop of the White House to stand in front of!)
Check out his book,
My Life as Bush: And My Heart for Imitating Jesus


Maxi Tibbenham said...

Kasey, that is a great pic! I was shocked to see you had such great influence! :-)

Keep up the fun pics and bloggin!

Have you found figured out tweetering, yet? It's not only, FUN, but you get tons of "mentoring" from so many people...

Try it at - I'll be making a Twitter Group on Facebook to help get people started. Takes awhile to figure out, but once you do... you'll be tweetering, like and others!

Love and blessings! :-)

KC said...

You were "shocked" that I had such a great influence? Or shocked that I ran into him? haha

I ...despite still being on the youngish side of 30....cannot figure out Twitter yet. Plus, I struggle just to think of things to say on facebook...

Also..Josh and I do not use cell phones. So it means I have to come to my computer to use Twitter..not real practical all the time.