Tuesday, March 31, 2009

He reveals Himself through creation

I took time today to sit outside for lunch. We have some nice landscaped sitting areas that are away from the hustle of everyone else and usually no one is sitting in them. I chose a bench by the butterfly bush because it was the only one not covered by shade and I needed the direct sunlight to keep me warm on this slightly chilly day.

I made it a point to meditate on the verse from Matthew 11:28, Come to me all who are weary, and I will give you rest. Nicole Mullen sings a song with this verse as part of her lyric, and that replayed through my mind as I noted God's creation around me. It was, so peaceful. So appreciated.

I watched two honey bees, three different types of butterflies, a bird, and a squirrel all sitting around the same bush next to me. One butterfly I recognized as a Painted Lady because it had the same design as the ones that Jyllian just raised and set free. The other one had jet black wings except for a brilliant swathe of red through each wing. Both of these were pretty small compared to the two enormous monarch butterflies who engaged in dog fighting with the two smaller species of butterflies. I wondered if it was all in fun, or if it was an act of agression. The monarchs would then break away and swoop in big circles over my head, close enough to cause me to duck. Pretty brave butterflies.

One lone squirrel scampered around in front of me, with an acorn in his mouth digging in several different locations and then freezing in an upright stance with eyes fixed upon me. I imagined he was saying,
Dig, dig, dig "how about here....no, no, no, that won't work, WHAT WAS THAT?"
Scamper, scamper.
Dig, dig, dig "how about here....no, no, no, that won't work, WHAT WAS THAT?"

He finally settled on a place worthy to hide his prize near the tree next to my bench. It was really pretty cute to watch him pat the dirt into place with his furry little hands, look around to ensure that no one saw him and then run away. How I wanted to go dig up his little nut....just to marvel at what he'd done. But I respected his hard work and left it there. After all, I would hate for someone to undo all my hard work I've done today too!

What a great lunch break.
I spend so much time, sometimes, trying to read and cram my mind full of thoughts. It was so nice just to witness all that happens around me, for a change.


Victoria :) said...

Sounds so lovely...story book like. Man, you are observant!

Anonymous said...

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