Friday, April 10, 2009

Updated-President Obama

Editorial- Shortly after writing this, I was made quite aware of several things President Obama had done that are really bad for our country. I'm re-posting this blog, with a new draft that articulates better-what my feelings on him are:
He is put in office by God.
We are to react to his poor choices with action.

At the risk of being really unpopular...I'm posting this commentary. Please forgive me if it goes against everything you believe, and feel free to comment to me why. I'm willing to accept that I could be totally wrong! But here goes...

Recently, someone sent me a link to an online pole to rate how the President was doing after his first 100 days. And, as a conservative Christian I joined the band-wagon and gave him an F. But to be totally honest with you, I'm not really sure why.

The grading results were neck in neck for A and F. However, only about 10% of the grades were within the middle, people either totally love him or hate him. Which brings me back to my vote.

I don't have a lot of time lately to pay attention to politics. Beyond what the skewed media reports, I have no idea what Obama is doing and I bet a lot of Americans are just like me. I know he intended to lift the ban on gay marriages and abortion and that I don’t like. I know the media constantly reports on his unnecessary bail-out packages and I see images of money analysts arguing where the money should and shouldn’t go.

But beyond that, I couldn’t give you specifics of what he’s done, so how I can I give an accurate grade? But I also wonder why, if everything I know about him leads me to believe he’s done nothing right, why DO so many other people like him? Is it because of his politics or because of promises he makes? Has he done ANYTHING worthy of a good president, even enough to garner him a D rating?
Can the common citizen legitimately evaluate a president without letting our personal opinion of what he said on David Letterman skew our vote? Do we grade Presidents on their dogs, their family lives, their morals, or do we grade them on their ability to lead our country? Does it even matter? You bet it does. But we need to ensure we are putting our efforts of opposition in the right direction.

I didn't vote for President Obama, but I can see why people did, Christians and non Christians both. It's exciting to see that our country could be declaring that the color of a man's skin is no longer what we value the most. But ironically, some people ignored their own Godly beliefs and traded them for a President with a different color skin, for that sake alone. Very ironic indeed and not a victory in my book.

I've listened to Christians voice their distaste for this President. Mostly, the comments are angry, vengeful, finger-pointing and what I feel is dangerously close to picking up a pitchfork. Though I classify myself as a right wing, conservative Republican, and I’m generally not pleased by what he’s done in office so far, I also believe that we should support our President. He’s just our government leader, not our eternal King.

I came to this response by pondering the fact that Jesus agreed that the Hebrews should pay the tax to Caesar even though he didn't agree with his "policies" either (Matthew 22:21) and by knowing that God is sovereign and "..there is no authority except that which God has established." Rom 13:1

We need to remind ourselves that we are called to support our president for who he is, our political leader. Derogatory actions and comments about the Obama family themselves just serve to rally up hate between us and our brother. This response is not effective Christian activism, in fact it completely negates our efforts. It fosters interactions where an angry, conservative man can be found giving the finger to another man in traffic simply because his car sports an Obama-Biden bumper sticker. Do not spur hate between one another by misplacing your hate for evil, instead mind your tongue and put your Christian efforts to work the way God would ask of you.

We are blessed to live in a country where we have a voice to speak out against abortion or gay agendas which affect all of God's creation. We should be voicing our opposition towards evil and decline of morality. Write letters in support of moral agendas to your congress people. Be present in civic hearings that fight against abortion clinics. Find worthy causes online and support them financially. Do we spend as much time and effort towards these causes as we do against Obama himself? Obama supports agendas like Pro-Choice and Gay Marriage because he's traded the ideas that popularity is better than the laws of God. I pray that our country does not fall victim to doing the same thing by returning evil for evil. 1 Peter 3:8-9.

It is understandably hard not to become hateful towards a man who opposes so much that Christianity stands for. We should be passionate about keeping morality and purity in our country. We are called to act, to pray and to withstand, but we are never told to judge or to enforce. We are not God.

So think about this the next time your tempted to vehemently declare “I hate Obama”;
Christ died for us, while we were still sinners. When I look at Obama, I can't deny I have some of the same character flaws in my own life. I've traded God's laws for popularity. There’s no denying that our government is pursuing a maniacal road. But God is still sovereign. I won’t allow my disapproval of his choices result in a lack of faith of God’s power. I will simply respond the way He’s asked me to. Prayer, faith, and civic action.


bristowmom said...

Extremely well articulated!

Brad White said...

Kasey, you are such an incredibly gifted and talented writer.I'm sooo impressed with the talents God has given you.

I'm so busy, I don't have our president on my radar.

What I don't like (from a capatalist perspective entirely), is the push to bail out failed businesses.

How many times should WE bail out chrysler? How long should we protect labor union jobs/industries that are awarded not for excellence but for union negotiating skills.

I say let companies who can't survive in the market fail. Other companies will step up and take their place and do things better/more profitably.

So, just on that issue alone, I give our president a low grade. I don't hate or dislike him at all. I just don't agree with his politics.

Anyway, keep writing and I'll keep reading...Deal?

Brad White said...
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Kristy said...

Kasey, wonderful job of putting your thoughts out there without sounding "hateful". I agree with your points. To me, it is a sad day when a president stands up and denies we are a Christian country. And it is my hope that anyone who is Christian, thinks long and hard about that when giving the next vote.

And, this is only one of the things that I could comment on, but hey, this is YOUR blog not mine! lol

Love ya girl!

txmomof2 said...

You should seriously write a book--or many books. Maybe write a column for a Christian magazine. Incredible article.

KC said...

Thank you all! In response:

Brad- I totally agree! I hate his "solutions" and was just listening to a radio program that discussed the same dangers of letting the government be involved in the the free market place's decisions. When we allow our govt to decide how much we can pay a CEO in bonuses..we're opening a door that we might not be able to close in the future! Let the free market dictate it's own future!! That's how it's always survived and what makes it stronger!

Kristy- totally agree with you as well. I was pretty surprised that Rick Warren agreed to do the service he did. But, maybe he's trying to demonstrate the same thing. Or maybe he was just trying to 'rub off' on him. :)

Alison and Laura- Thank you! I think I am going to write up an article to submit some day. It's easier than trying to publish a book, that's for sure (at least, I hope!)

Victoria :) said...

You know, reading this... I think to myself you are amazing at how well you can express yourself. I had several great thoughts and comments...all pretty much coincide with yours. Can I just say that I am too tired write an inspiring comment and can barely remember what my thoughts were as I read your post. :) So I think it best we get together soon and have much fun and lively discussion!