Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This past weekend I took Jyllian on a campout with her Girl Scout troop. In case you don't know me, I am a lazy mom who occassionally likes to don a rather tight fitting Super Mom outfit.

I love doing the artsy-crafty stuff, but I'm not as good at the leading part, b/c I think I'm just plain bossy.

Before we left I created an entire schedule, hour to hour of what activities we would do while we're there. From arrival and check in, game time, nature hiking and meals I had planned it all out, made copies and given them to the moms.

But my moms were not so keen on sticking to the plans. They did, but I could tell they didnt want to. O well, I made them. Because I feel like, if I didnt lead...well then it's just a weekend vacation, and you could have come up with your own stuff to do.

THe highlights of the weekend were: a great time in the lake with incredible blow up inflatable lake-toys. Bonding with the girls in a new way (I can still hear "MISS KASEY" in my sleep) Great camp food and fun!

On Saturday evening, I was given the great privledge of "LIGHTING THE FIRE!!" which is a privledge given only to those leaders willing to be "camp certified" by Girl Scouts. Which really means your willing to give up two entire days to rough it with some other leaders, and eventually learn to light a fire...among other things.

If you go through this training...YOU TOO can have 3-4 adults standing around you telling you how to light a fire too! It wasn't too bad, but I hate when people do that. GO AWAY!!! Kind of like when someone stands at your desk and tells you how to operate your computer, but I digress...I did get the fire lit, and had two moms standing next to me actually take the credit for it, b/c they had given me such great advice. (put more paper in it! dont' blow out the flames. Great, thanks)

What was even more annoying is that at the end of the night, my other duty as "Fire certified leader" is to put the fire out in a safe manner. No one standing around to tell me how to do this- imagine that. This includes moving the logs out of the center, crunching up the coals, and dousing it all with water. You also have to throw several shovel fulls of dirt on it. While I was getting a shovel of dirt, one mom threw a package of marshmellows in the middle of the logs.
"who put this here?" our camp guide asked. "Oh, I did, it had ants in it" said a mom. I looked at the melting sticky goo, over at the trashcan just feet away, and back at the fire pit of mess again. Um, okay. Not sure why you thought it would be a better idea to burn a bag of marshmellows right in the middle of a fire that someone is putting out with a shovel, but whatever.

The night was spent sleeping on the top bunk with Jyllie. I shared with her to make room for another little girl to have her own bunk. Apparently my body is old and fat, because I was completely aching after a long day of swimming, hiking, and running. I didnt get to sleep until about 4 am. And I had to hold "it" all night b/c I couldnt get down from my bunk bed. Also, I got really sweaty because I couldnt find the AC. At some point, I also stepped in an ant pile and was stung approximately 3,051 times. But no worries, I and am still taking great pleasure in scratching the heck out of my feet each chance I get.

But seriously, I really had a great time. I am so fortunate to be able to camp with both girls at least once in Girl Scouts. It really is a fun experience for sure! I also get to hear great camp songs...like "Little Black Things" I'll have to sing it for you next time you see me.


Melisa said...

I love camping! Not so much after reading this post. ;o) Only 3051 times, huh. Brad got bit by a brown recluse when we lived in OK and ended up with a huge black and decaying wound. Nasty. I hate camping in OK. Mountain camping is much better.

So glad to *see* you again!!! :o)

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

Leading a group is always challenging. People are so different! I too am a Lazy Mom but I'm not brave enough to put on the spandex suit! ;-)