Sunday, May 17, 2009

LOST: Cute 30something female

Somewhere between graduating highschool, and becoming super mom I feel like I got a little lost. It is so hard to live in Plano, land of the soccer mom, and feel normal sometimes! My mom was not a soccer mom. My mom hunts elk.

I don't feel spiritually lost, I do know Who my compass is but I feel just personally lost sometimes in a sea of carpools, hamburger helper, girlscout cookies and softball games.

I know some of you reading this are going to tell me that "it's important to take time out for yourself too!" but....I dont know what I want to do.

So tomorrow I took the day off from work, to have some quite time. With God, and to reconnect. I always feel better after I do that.

My friend Victoria brought me a gorgeous wall hanging bronze urn with peacock feathers poking out of it. I love it!

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Victoria :) said...

Good for you for actually taking some time off just for yourself!! I hope the day was everything you needed it to be! I keep telling myself I am going to do the same thing and just sleep all day...

Oh, so glad you like your wall hanging! I thought the peacock feathers were a nice touch. Enjoy your new place!