Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Fall of the American Empire?

If I haven't said it enough

One of the lessons in the series, deals with matters of the state. The rise of the state's power and it's link to social decline. One key point cites a passage from Gibbons' The History of the Decline and the Fall of the Roman Empire.

Five attributes marked Rome at it's end:
1. A mounting love of show and luxury.
2. An obsession with sex, including homesexuality.
3. Freakishness in the arts, masquerading as originality, and enthusiasm pretending to be creativity.
4. An increased desire to live off the state.

It's this quote that comes to mind, particularly as I watch the news or read a magazine.

Today I got an automated email from Dallas' House of Blues announcing upcoming events. This one event seems to totally speak to number 3 above.
Sunday: Summer Slaughter featuring
(Necro pertains to dead, Necrophagy pertains to eating dead)
Darkest Hour
Winds of Plague
Dying Fetus
Born of Osiris
Beneath the Massacre
After the Burial

Which seems to run the whole gammut of sin on one day. (Sunday, no less)
On another Friday: Meat Puppets with Retribution Gospel Choir (which I dont think is what we would describe as Gospel.)
Freakishness in the arts masquerading as originality. That's pretty much what satan's whole schtick is, masquerading as the original- never worthy.

How close are we to the fall of America?


Melisa said...

That is just gross. Ugh.

I'm not one for magazines, but today I was reading a fashion magazine at the doctor's office. It was awful. I can't believe people consider that fashion. Completely shocking.

txmomof2 said...

Another great post, Kasey. Keep 'em coming!