Monday, June 1, 2009

Office Musings from a Part Time Mom

If you work in a corporate office setting, you may get a chuckle out of my recent thoughts.

How many times are you obligated to say “Bless You” to the pod mate, who sneezes every 5 minutes all day?

It's hard to yell at your kids on the phone, when your single co-worker is looking at you across the wall.

Some people make their office areas look so cute! One lady even has a wooden cookbook holder, to hold her office memos.
Mine is decorated with a few family photos stuck with thumbtacks to the wall, 5 half empty containers of water/coffee/tea, a
a squishy stress ball in the shape of the world that was free at last month’s earth day, approximately 24 post-it notes with forgotten
reminders, and a few old Christmas ornaments that I got as gifts from coworkers last year. I’m thinking of hiring a interior-pod-decorator.

When you encounter someone in the bathroom that you work with…should you say
“Hey, how’s it going?” as if you’ve not sat right next to them for the last 3 hours of work?

A quote from Jerry Maguire, his dad said after he retired:
“…I wish they had given me a more comfortable chair.”
Which I concure with. The supposedly ergonomic ones I have hurts my butt. But no one is sympathetic for workman's comp because of your butt. (especially because, I know...mine looks like it has enough padding to warrant me the ability to sit on a hard metal stool without pain.)
I’ve considered bringing my exercise ball to work to sit on, but I’m not sure how I feel about having to chase it down the hall when the first funny guy kicks it.

How much conversation about the weather is required on an elevator ride between just two floors?

If I’m wearing headphones it means I don’t want to talk to you right now. Stop throwing paperclips at me to get my attention.

Just like in elementary school-if you didn’t bring enough cupcakes to share with everyone, don’t bring them at all.
However, if I am eating a cupcake….please don’t ask me where I got it. It’s embarrassing enough to devour this in front of you, let alone
tell you that you didn’t make the list of “Who to share my goodies with” from Norma down the hall.

Email is a very poor way to communicate.
But it sure beats complaining to someone’s face.

ALT+Tab = The fastest way to change your screen from your blog, to your sales report.

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