Friday, May 22, 2009

Products You Never Knew Existed

The Pee Pee TeePee - Because Baby Showers are not always fun.
(and for those more fashionable moms, they come in blue with little airplanes as well.)

Elephant Poo paper roses: Nothing says “I love you more, than pachyderm poop” Getting these roses from your husband would be worse than finding out your diamond ring is made from glass.

Recycled Windshield Wine Glasses - Should you come across any, please ignore the embedded bug fragments.

Handblown Glass Bat Fan Pull – For your bat cave.
But if you had an actual bat cave, you probably wouldn’t need a handblown bat fan pull.

Paper Bag Vase – To hold your poo poo flowers

For the bargain price of $22.00, you too can say- “Huh!?”


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