Wednesday, May 19, 2010

115 Things About Me

I'm totally stealing this idea from Shelly.

1. I grew up in Oklahoma and moved to New Mexico when I was 13.
2. We moved because my mom was tired of the rat race pace of life that followed her graphic art business she ran from our house.
3. I loved living in NM more than OK b/c OK girls wore heels to school and carried a purse.
4. NM girls wear sandals or hiking boots and carry a backpack.
5. I still have my favorite Teva sandals and hiking boots in my closet.
6. I am married to my highschool sweetheart, Josh.
7. When I met him my favorite number was 15.
8. His was 51.
9. I swore I would never be the wife of a military man.
10. Josh was enlisted in the army for 6 years.
11. I was excited to travel abroad with my new army husband.
12. We stayed at Ft. Bragg, NC all 6 years.
13. I have two daughters.
14. Both were surprises.
15. I love surprises.
16. Jada was born in NM while Josh was away at army boot camp.
17. Josh was gone for 6 months.
18. This was the longest time I have ever been away from Josh for 19 years.
19. He is my best friend.
20. But I hate it when he calls me that.
21. I spend a lot of time thinking about things.
22. Clouds.
23. Birds.
24. The reason why I try to be a people pleaser.
25. (Let me know if this post is boring you)
26. I can make a Halloween costume out of anything in the house.
27. Halloween use to be my favorite holiday.
28. Making two costumes every year is really time consuming.
29. I am pretty judgemental about other people.
30. Josh has told me this.
31. He’s also told me I am condescending.
32. He has regretted telling me this. I bring it up often.
33. I love shellfish.
34. And butter.
35. My kids think it’s gross that I sometimes eat pats of butter when I bake.
36. I’m not overly concerned.
37. I was voted “Best Eyes” in my highschool yearbook.
38. I also organized the “Best of the Best” contest. :: wink ::
39. I hate doing laundry.
40. But I hate throwing old clothes away.
41. I have mounds of clothes throughout my bedroom floor in various stages of clean, slightly clean, dirty, and give away.
42. Josh does a lot of laundry at our house, but he hates putting it away.
43. See #41.
44. I am consistantly amazed at what a lovely young lady my daughter Jada is turning out to be.
45. I give full credit to God for her. She is nothing like I was as a teenager.
46. I pray every day that she doesn’t get bored of being “a good kid”.
47. I’m slightly scared about this, in fact.
48. Jyllian is completely different than Jada was at her age.
49. I’m also slightly scared about this.
50. I can roll my tongue into a clover shape.
51. I use to be able to whistle, but cannot anymore.
52. I had zero friends for the first 7 years I lived in Texas.
53. I met my closest friend at work.
54. When I met her, I immediately gained another close friend.
55. We call each other “Pals”.
56. One of my favorite movies is Young Guns about Billy the Kid.
57. Billy the Kid’s headstone has the word “Pals” written on it.
58. When one of us says something that another one does not like, we call each other ‘dead’.
59. But we’ve never really killed anyone.
60. Yet.
61. I love to write.
62. But I lose focus because I have so much that I want to write about.
63. I have 4 half-finished journals.
64. I always buy a new one before I’m done with one.
65. I have a hard time finishing a lot of things.
66. (I’m considering shortening this list.)
67. I love to travel.
68. I’ve never been outside the US, and have only visted 6 states.
69. I'd love to travel more.
70. My first plane ride was at 7 years old.
71. I was alone.
72. They use to give you airplane wings, and let you visit the cockpit when you were 7.
73. Two years ago I sent my two girls to see grandma on their fist plane ride together.
74. Alone.
75. I've never flow with another person I knew. I've always flown alone.
76. This July Josh and I will get to fly together for the first time ever.
77. Josh jumped out of airplanes in the army.
78. Josh and I have figured out that we probably met each other before I ever moved to NM.
79. He had a friend that was friends with my cousin.
80. I seem to recall meeting a “Josh” at this friend’s house.
81. My mom almost bought a chicken farm in Arkansas instead of moving to NM.
82. I toured 3 different ones with her, and still cringe at the thought of spending my highschool years as a chicken farmer's daughter.
83. I sometimes think about the circumstances that led me to where I am now.
84. Sometimes these thoughts bring me great joy.
85. Sometimes they bring me some sadness.
86. I am an only child to my mother and father.
87. I have 3 half brothers, 1 half sisters, and 1 step brother and two step sisters.
88. I am close to my half-siblings.
89. I have never met my step siblings.
90. My mother has been married 4 times.
91. My father has been married twice.
92. I will be married 16 years this year.
93. I have no desire to be divorced.
94. Ever.
95. I sometimes want to write a book called “Yesterday’s Child”.
96. Remembering that my sister would never have been part of my life, changes that desire.
97. I love her.
98. She and I have had many differences.
99. I was pretty mean to her when we were little.
100. At least she thinks I was.
101. I really just wanted to be “adult”.
102. I was also kind of jealous.
103. I tell her things I would never tell another soul in 100 years.
104. She sometimes uses that against me.
105. I don’t mind.
106. She has a son.
107. His name is Jack.
108. Jack is my most FAVORITE little boy in the world.
109. I have two nephews.
110. Jack is totally smarter than a 4th grader.
111. Jack is half black.
112. This is a sensative subject for some people.
113. It’s a non-issue for me.
114. I really just want to pretend that people are people no matter what color their skin is.
115. That’s pretty hard to do in this world.


Victoria :) said...

really, you didn't have a friend in TX for the first 7years??...I thought I moved here within a year of you... hmmmm...

KC said...

OMgosh...I will need to print a retraction!!!